our goal


It is our goal to foster a community building event that is open to everyone. This event is based on human connection, education, awareness, and the belief that we can make a difference. This is Jacquie’s legacy, and we would like it to be ours as well. Through uniting on this weekend every year, we are able to raise funds that will go into a research fund headed up by Jacquie’s doctors, as well as supporting local families during their most difficult times. We hope to impart lessons that will lead to an even more compassionate, kinder, and supportive world.

In the beginning..

Jacquie Hirsch, a 23 year old girl, was receiving her second bone marrow transplant and fighting her diagnosis of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. We began planning this event to help offset the medical costs for our dear friend and her family. Jacquie passed away just weeks before the very first event, but her fight continues within all of us at Dancers Give Back as we try to eradicate cancer from the world.

ALL proceeds from our event go directly to a research team at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, as well as patient support for local families in need. Because of the work through The Jacquie Hirsch for A.L.L. Foundation, 26 lives have been saved!

Our work now

Through The Jacquie Hirsch for A.L.L. Foundation, the money we have donated has gone on to help fund groundbreaking and internationally published research from doctors at Roswell Park Cancer Institute that is saving lives. It has also helped build The Center for The Jacquie Hirsch for A.L.L. Foundation, who’s beautiful boardroom is named after our organization. We have also helped fund building a room in Jacquie’s name at the Oishei Children’s Hospital.

One of the most special and humbling experiences dancers from participating studios have is visiting with patients from Roswell Park. They are able to see the difference they have made in people’s lives simply by spending the weekend raising money by doing something they’re passionate about. The holidays are especially tough financially and emotionally for families, and we are able to help out families with gift cards for groceries, games, and more.



what we are about

This organization is inspired by and fundamentally based off of what made Jacquie such a special and wonderful young woman. She was just months shy of finishing her student teaching to graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Jacquie loved to dance, laugh, eat, educate, and help mold future generations.

Dancers Give Back does just that. Our benefit on Saturday is for the entire family to enjoy. Along with the dancing and performances, there are crafts, games, activities, food, raffles, and silent auctions. You might even be able to take home a whole cake from our cake walk! There is something for everyone at this event.

Sunday is filled with inspiration and education as sought after industry professionals donate their time to share with our local dancers.